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TCP, Fantastic Dreamer

TCP is back! TCP is a project based around the collective artistry of Henry Tarnecky (vocals), Blake Tobias (keyboards, bass), and Jack Wright (guitars, drums). This new progressive release includes guests Tom Shiben (bass), Nicole Tarnecky (backup vocals), and features Glenn Arpino (keys) along with his epic piece, Vision. TCP’s 2009 debut CD, The Way, was a critical success that landed the band on many top 10 lists for the year. Fantastic Dreamer sees them further refine their sound, adding depth and layers to the foundation previously established. Deftly blending elements of classic-era and modern progressive rock, the nine tracks that make up Fantastic Dreamer showcase a haunting and emotive blend of vocals with layers of soaring guitar and keyboard passages which often ride a shifting and complex rhythm section.

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