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Frogg Café, The Safenzee Siadies

Frogg Café is a 6-piece band from the New York metropolitan area making music that incorporates elements of progressive rock, pop melodicism and fusion jazz. Peppered with an appealing variety of other flavors including Latin music, bluegrass, modern chamber music and avant-garde/experimental, their energetic live shows feature extended flights of group improvisation that would draw grins from any hardcore jam-band fan. The brand new double live CD by Frogg Café, entitled The Safenzee Diaries incorporates live venue recordings and in the studio jams intertwined between tracks. Additionally, you can expect to hear energetic reworkings of classic Frogg tunes featuring different solos and sometimes entirely new arrangements, plus three new Frogg tunes new heard before. The Safenzee Diaries captures a band that is internationally renowned for their live performances at their absolute best in a virtuoso display of showmanship.