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Rebel Wheel, The, Diagramma

Steeped in dark cinematic soundscapes and complex turn-on-a-dime arrangements, Ottawa's The Rebel Wheel features a frenetic mix of rock aggression, and unpredictable odd-meter vamps. A five piece featuring guitars, keyboards, sax, drums and bass, The Rebel Wheel focuses on modern, genre-blending Progressive Rock. The band's second CD full-length release, Diagramma, contains seven songs with the largest piece (the 20 minute epic "Diagramma Suite") in the middle, acting as the fulcrum. Diagramma features tracks that alternate between hard-edged vocal tunes, and instrumentals that range from the quiet pastoral to hard-edged fusion. The Rebel Wheel has experimented with more modern midi percussion elements and loops, but the core sound is based on the dynamic interaction of real players and real instruments. At times large and dissonant, at other times lyrical and direct, Diagramma features strong playing, unique arrangements, unexpected sonics and a self-contained compositional symmetry.

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